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Our Youth

At Venture Boxing, our approach is what makes us different. We're a community. This club is here to support each and every one of us. Our children are the foundation to our future.

Our Children's Charter


England Boxing aims to ensure that all children and young people within the sport of boxing are treated with respect, valued and at all times ‘safe’ from all forms of abuse.


We want you:


  • to feel welcomed into a safe, caring, sport with a happy and friendly atmosphere within your club;

  • to be regarded as an individual, listened to, having your feelings respected and opinions valued;

  • cared for by skilled, experienced staff and volunteers who understand the needs of children and young people;

  • given praise and encouragement, opportunities to succeed and an environment where positive behaviour is promoted;

  • encouraged to develop self-discipline and consideration for others;

  • provided with opportunities to learn new skills, develop confidence and a positive self image. 

As a child or young person you are the future of our sport and we are determined that you will thrive and achieve your goals and full potential in a friendly and safe environment.

There may be times when you feel angry, unsafe, isolated, unhappy, uncomfortable or just worried. In these cases, you should always tell your parents or those who care for you. Please remember, there will always be someone who can help.

If you cannot or do not feel you want to speak to any of these people, you can contact any of the following people / organisations 24 hours a day who ‘will’ listen and do something to help you:

England Boxing is committed to the welfare of its members and in particular to children and young persons. All England Boxing members and clubs should be responsive to concerns. 


Each club has a welfare officer and the details of these officers are in prominent positions within gyms. These persons are appointed for their abilities to address any concerns; they have the appropriate training and/or experience. If a person has a welfare concern this would be a suitable person to speak to.


The Birkenhead Venture Child Protection officer is: Russell Biggs via email:


Consideration may also be given to contacting the Regional Welfare Officer. The details of that person can be found in the Compliance section of the England Boxing website, where the National Compliance Manager's details are also available.


Childline:0800 1111              

NSPCC helpline:0808 800 5000 

You can also find valuable information at:      

Youth Members: Classes
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